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[MML] Prof. F. Barlat: Advanced constitutive modeling of advanced high strength steel sheets for springback prediction after double stage U-draw bending
GIFT 19-02-28 11:48

In this study, a U-shaped channel formed using a double drawing process (double stage U-draw bending) was proposed to reduce the amount of springback in the AHSS sheets. The performance of the double stage U-draw bending process in reducing the amount of springback was compared with that of the con- ventional U-draw bending process. The process was simulated using a finite element (FE) analysis with two different types of anisotropic hardening models, namely, isotropic-kinematic and distortional models, to describe the Bauschinger effect and associated anisotropic hardening transients during the strain-path changes. Moreover, plastic anisotropy, captured by different yield functions, and the degradation of the elastic modulus were taken into account. In addition to the basic mechanical characterization tests con- ducted to identify the material coefficients, in-plane compression–tension experiments were conducted. The experimental and FE simulated results of the double stage U-draw bending process were compared and analyzed to understand the effect of anisotropic hardening on the springback under non-proportional loading.

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