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[MML] Prof. F. Barlat, Failure characteristics of advanced high strength steels at macro and micro scales
GIFT 20-02-23 11:36

The advanced high strength steels (AHSS) have gained major attention from research groups across the world especially in the last two decades. The exact description of the forming behavior of these steels has several challenges associated with it. The origin of these challenges is related to complex forming behavior and failure characteristics of AHSS sheets at macro and micro scale. In the present study, the fracture characteristics of two important AHSSs, i.e. DP980 and TRIP1180, were investigated using uniaxial tension and shear tests. The critical strains were calculated considering both necking and fracture using digital image correlation (DIC) technique. The deformed specimens were examined at macro and micro scale to understand the fracture mechanisms of both steels. Numerical simulations were performed for identification and validation of constitutive parameters. A simple fracture law was used to predict the fracture and the results were compared with the experiments. Reasonable fracture prediction was achieved for both DP980 and TRIP1180.

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