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Fahmi Tafwidli won a Good Poster Award of KIM+

FAHMI TAFWIDLI (master’s course student in CSL, GIFT) won a Good Poster Award from The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM+) for the article “Kinetic Study of Cu Evaporation in Liquid Fe-Cu-C-S Syst…

GIFT | 05-15 Time

Prof. Dong Woo Suh won 2015 MMI good reviewer prize

Prof. Dong Woo Suh won a 2015 Metals & Materials International (MMI) good reviewer prize in December. The MMI Good Reviewer Prize is awarded to MMI thesis readers who have examined theses and h…

GIFT | 01-20 Time

2015 GIFT Olympic, Nov. 24th

 There are a pile of interesting pictures.Please visit #205 with USB memory drive if you want some more! 

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2016 GIFT admissions information session in Seoul

​GIFT held an admissions information session in Seoul on September 19th. 8 undergraduate students from 7 Universities joined this session and were introduced about POSTECH, GIFT, the faculty of GIFT and thei…

GIFT | 09-23 Time

Visitors from Uni Leoben on September 17th

​​25 visitors including 18 students, 5 researchers and 2 professors of Uni Leoben visited GIFT on September 17th early in the morning. They gathered at the GIFT auditorium #101 and listened to Prof. Youn-Bae…

GIFT | 09-23 Time