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Prof. Dong Woo Suh won 2015 MMI good reviewer prize

Prof. Dong Woo Suh won a 2015 Metals & Materials International (MMI) good reviewer prize in December. The MMI Good Reviewer Prize is awarded to MMI thesis readers who have examined theses and h…

GIFT | 01-20 Time

2015 GIFT Olympic, Nov. 24th

 There are a pile of interesting pictures.Please visit #205 with USB memory drive if you want some more! 

GIFT | 11-06 Time

2016 GIFT admissions information session in Seoul

​GIFT held an admissions information session in Seoul on September 19th. 8 undergraduate students from 7 Universities joined this session and were introduced about POSTECH, GIFT, the faculty of GIFT and thei…

GIFT | 09-23 Time

Visitors from Uni Leoben on September 17th

​​25 visitors including 18 students, 5 researchers and 2 professors of Uni Leoben visited GIFT on September 17th early in the morning. They gathered at the GIFT auditorium #101 and listened to Prof. Youn-Bae…

GIFT | 09-23 Time

2015 fall semester beginning party

Gift held a fall semester beginning party to make a joyful start of a new semester and to welcome new students. The party was held at the rooftop cafeteria on September 10th at around 6 o’clock. Many members…

GIFT | 09-23 Time

2015 Fall semester, an orientation day for new students

There was an orientation for incoming new students from 9am to 5pm on Aug. 26th at the lecture room #401. Starting with receiving the Dean’s welcome greeting, the new students got interviewed and were assign…

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2015 Summer Internship Program

2015 Summer GIFT Internship Program was held from July 7th to 31th for 4 weeks. 25 students from 21 different colleges applied this program, and only the 5 students from 3 different colleges were selected t…

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July 30th, Visit of "POSCO Engineering Camp"

52 distinguished students of engineering colleges of quality including Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Korea University, KAIST, POSTECH, who are in major of materials science & engineering,…

GIFT | 09-20 Time

Prof. Sung Mo Jung won the Adrian Normanton Award

Dr. Sung Mo Jung who is a professor of Environmental Metallurgy Lab, won the Adrian Normanton Award of IOM3 (Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining). Adrian Normanton Award for the best technical paper o…

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