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GIFT delegation visited six universities in Europe (2006/02/13-21)
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[Pic.1] From left to right, prof. J.Steidl, prof. H.Gaye, Dr. D.Eng. h. c. P. Zuna, prof. B. C. De Cooman

[Pic.2] From left to right, prof. De Cooman, prof. H. Gaye, prof. Sablik (Dean of Faculty), prof. Janovec, prof. Grgac (seen from the back).

[Pic.3] Prof. De Cooman in discussion with a researcher at the Slovak University of Technology.

[Pic.4] From left to right, prof. Gaye, prof. De Cooman, prof. Pluschkell, prof. H. Palkowski, prof. Tonn, and prof. Schmid-Fetzer.

[Pic.5] Prof. De Cooman and prof. Groche in front of the Metal Froming Laboraotry of the TU Darmstadt.

[Pic.6] Inside view of the very impressive Metal Froming Laboraotry of the TU Darmstadt.

[Pic.7] Prof. P. R. Scheller and prof. H. Gaye in front of the bust of Ledebur, the famous nineteen century metallurgist, founder of the institute for metallurgy at the TU Freiberg.

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Industrial Visits by GIFT Faculty

​Professors Hae-Geon Lee, Yang Mo Koo, Bruno de Cooman, Rongshan Qin, Han Soo Kim, In Gee Kim, Harry Bhadeshia and Mr Chan-sik Han all travelled to the city of Changwon to visit POSCO Special Steels, …

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