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Dr. Hae-Geon Lee, an Emeritus Professor of the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology was selected to be an Honorary Member of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan.
GIFT 16-03-24 14:31

Iron and Steel Institute of Japan(ISIJ) notified that it decided to confer an Honorary Membership upon Dr. Lee during the 171st ISIJ meeting at Tokyo University of Science on March 23.

Dr. Lee graduated from Seoul National University, department of metallurgical engineering and got his doctoral degree in metallurgical engineering at the University of Washington in 1983. After holding a position as a senior lecturer at the University of Queensland, Australia, he has been a professor of POSTECH since 1977. Dr. Lee lead establishing the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology(GIFT), which is world’s only fully accredited institute in the field of steel science and technology, fostered professional manpower, and devoted himself to the development of national iron and steel industry.

He won Sawamura Award (best paper) of ISIJ in 2005 with “Improvement of Cleanliness of 16% Cr Ferritic Stainless Steel in AOD Processes”, Iljin Award of National Academy Engineering of Korea n 2006 for his contribution to the development of national iron and steel industry, Distinguished Achievement Award of Thermec, Canada and Richard and Patricia Spriggs Phases Equilibria Award of American Ceramic Society, USA in 2011, and was honored Distinguished Achievement on Innovation of Engineering Education by Korea Research Foundation in 2012.

After his retirement from POSTECH, he served as the vice-president at Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia.

Having credited Dr. Lee’s pioneering physio-chemical researches in steelmaking area and his great contribution to the education of Korean and Japan, and the academic exchange between these two countries, ISIJ decided to confer the honorary membership to him. And this is an exceptional case for ISIJ to confer an honorary membership to a foreigner.

Having marked 100th anniversary, ISIJ has conferred honorary memberships to less than 100 by 2015.

Right after the awarding ceremony, Dr. Lee gave a special lecture on “Research Efforts of GIFT – A Graduate Institute in All that is Steel – with an example on light-weight steels”.


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