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Prof. Bruno C. De Cooman was awarded a Scripta Materialia Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing
GIFT 17-04-28 09:59


Prof. Bruno C. De Cooman was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing from SCRIPTA MATERIALIA in April. This certificate is awarded to Acta Materialia, Elsevier readers who have examined theses and have provided excellent insights in their specialties, and who have contributed significantly to increasing the quality of the journal. It is awarded by Kazuhiro Hono, the Principal Editor of Scripta Materialia every year.


Scripta Materialia is a peer-reviewed scientific journal which is the "letters" section of Acta Materialia. It covers novel properties, or substantially improved properties of materials.




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Prof. Youn-Bae Kang received 2019 Sawamura Award from ISIJ

​A paper by Prof. Youn-Bae Kang (GIFT, Clean Steel Lab) and Dr. Joo-Hyeok Lee titled ‘Oxidation of Ti Added ULC Steel by CO Gas Simulating Interfacial Reaction between the Steel and SEN during Continuous Cas…

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