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Prof. Bruno C. De Cooman receives 2017 Adolf Martens Award
GIFT 17-05-15 14:38

Prof. Bruno C. De Cooman was selected as 2017 Adolf Martens Award Memorial Steel Lecture recipient. Adolf Martens Memorial Steel Lecture Award is a very honorary prize given to only one person a year by Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST).



This award was established in 2010 to honor Adolf Martens, a pioneer in establishing structure-property relationships in steel and one of the first researchers to utilize optical microscopy to observe that hard steels had different features than soft steels at the microscale. The Adolf Martens Lecture recognizes the achievement of significant, broadly known technical accomplishments that have enabled important advances in processing and product application in the field of ferrous physical metallurgy, and have either provided dramatic contributions to the field or made a lifetime of important contributions to the field.

This will be officially presented in Oct, at the award ceremony during the upcoming MS&T 2017 conference which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pa. USA.

Prof. Harshad Kumar Dharamshi Hansraj Bhadeshia, a Distinguished Visiting Professor of GIFT also receives this award in 2015 and gave a special lecture on “A Complete Theory for Martensitic Transformations”, celebrating the award.

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