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Prof. Chong Soo Lee received POSCO Family Technology Award
GIFT 17-12-06 09:38

Prof. Chong Soo Lee of MRL and Dr. Kwanho Kim, the group leader of POSCO Steel Research group #1, received the POSCO Family Technology Award for their contributions to development of (WF) Automotive 2 Giga High-End Spring steel production technology.

The POSCO Family Technology Award has been given to researchers or engineers who contributed to enhance technology competitiveness of POSCO group, by the POSCO CEO since 1988.



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Prof. Youn-Bae Kang received 2019 Sawamura Award from ISIJ

​A paper by Prof. Youn-Bae Kang (GIFT, Clean Steel Lab) and Dr. Joo-Hyeok Lee titled ‘Oxidation of Ti Added ULC Steel by CO Gas Simulating Interfacial Reaction between the Steel and SEN during Continuous Cas…

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