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Sung-Hoon Kim and Joo-Hyeok Lee won Good Poster Awards of KIM+
GIFT 17-12-05 09:38

Sung-Hoon Kim, a doctoral student in CML and Joo-Hyeok Lee, a doctoral student in CSL won Good Poster Awards from KIM+.
KIM+ selected eight outstanding articles (one for the first prize, three for honor awards, and four for participation prizes) which were presented at 2017 Steel Science Forum (11th) held at Erica Guest House Conference Hall, Hanyang University from July 17th to 18th.

Sung-Hoon Kim presented his research result with the title “Analysis of bainite transformation stasis using modified GEB model”. This paper introduced a Gibbs Energy Balance (GEB) model that describes the bainite transformation stasis phenomenon, presented limitations of the existing GEB model, and suggested a modified GEB model with verification.
Joo-Hyeok Lee presented “Effect of carbon contents in liquid steel on interfacial reaction between Ti-bearing Al-killed steel and CO gas generated from nozzle material for continuous casting”.



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