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Prof. Dong Woo Suh won Seokcheon Academic Award from KIM+
GIFT 19-10-30 09:55


Dr. Dong Woo Suh, Professor of Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology, won the Seokcheon Academic Award (10 million won) at the Fall Conference of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials held in Oct. 23-25.


Professor Dong Woo Suh was selected as the winner of the Seokcheon Academic Award for his contribution to the development of advanced ultra-high strength steel materials for automobiles and to the Korean steel industry and academic development through research on microstructure control, phase transformation analysis and mechanical properties improvement of steel materials.


Since joining GIFT, POSTECH in 2009, Prof. Suh has been working on the development of high-performance steel materials based on phase transformation. As a result, excellent research achievements in the field of steel materials are widely recognized.


The Seokcheon Academic Award, which was named after Honorary Chairman Seokcheon Hong Jong-Ryul, the founder of Korea Steel, is awarded to researchers under the age of 50 who contributed to the development of metals and materials.

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