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Dong-Hyun Kim won a bronze prize at 2019 Steel University Korea Challenge
GIFT 20-03-30 14:39

Mr. Dong-Hyun Kim (Ph.D. course student at CSL, GIFT) won a bronze prize at the 2019 Steel University Korea Challenge. This challenge was co-held by the human resource department of Korea Iron and Steel Association, and the World Steel Association (WSA). The participants were 2003 students from 57 countries, including 325 domestic students from 23 universities in Korea. The students competed to produce a steel product of specific components and quality with the lowest cost in a limited time, by using the iron-and-steel-making process simulation modules provided by ‘Steel University (’, the website operated by WSA. This competition was held for electric furnace steelmaking and secondary refining process simulation for 24 h from Nov. 27th to 28th, 2019. Mr. Kim won a bronze prize and a reward at the awards ceremony held at Dong‑A University on January 13th.

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