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Dean Chang Hee Yim will organize ASIA STEEL 2021 as the chairman of the organizing committee.
GIFT 20-07-16 14:28

ASIA STEEL 2021 jointed with Automotive Steel International Conference will be held in Gyeongju in May 23-27, 2021.
This is the 8th conference (the 1st held in 2000 in India) of this series, triennially organized by KIMM (Korean Institute of Metals and Materials), ISIJ (The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan), CSM (The Chinese Society for Metals) and IIM (The Indian Institute of Metals).
ASIA STEEL 2021 will be officially organized by Steel subcommittee, KIMM. Prof. Chang Hee Yim (Dean of GIFT) is the chairman of the committee that is working to prepare for a successful academic event, and several professors from GIFT are participating as members of the committee.
GIFT has been a main organizing institute in Korea of the Asia Steen International Conference. In 2009, the 4th Asia Steel International Conference was successfully organized for which Prof. emeritus Hae-Geon Lee was the chairman (former dean of GIFT).
The conference will share current state-of-the-art technologies and academic achievements with hundreds of experts around the world. Especially, the ASIA STEEL 2021 will discuss the recent implementation of big data analytics to steel production sites, by artificial intelligence approach, which would bring utmost attention to us.
We hope for your interest and active participation. 

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