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Prof. Joo Choi from GIFT received the HyunSong Engineering Award
GIFT 20-08-14 14:51


Prof. Joo Choi of GIFT was selected as the winner of the 2020 Hyunsong Engineering Award at the Spring Conference held by the Korean Society of Metals and Materials.


Also, on the 16th, he continued his award-winning lecture on the theme of "Recent Progress on the High-Mn Steel as an Energy Steel".

The 'Hyunsong Engineering Award' is an award awarded by the Hyunsong Education and Culture Foundation, and the winners are selected annually by dividing it into the machinery sector and the metal material sector.

Prof. Choi, who graduated from Seoul National University Department of Metallurgical Engineering and served as the president of POSCO Research Institute, is committed to strengthening the competitiveness of the domestic steel industry by proposing the world's best eco-friendly, low-cost ferroalloy manufacturing method. Great contribution was recognized.

Prof. Choi said, “I will pioneer the path of becoming a'research engineer' leading the steel technology by following the will of Dr. Hyun Song, Joo Chang-gyun, who led the development of steel technology with one passion. ”And thanked him.

On the other hand, the'Hyunsong Engineering Award' is an award given to engineers who contributed to the industrial development by the'Hyunsong Cultural Foundation', established by the late founder of Dongbu Steel, Joo Chang-gyun, who devoted his life to the steel industry, recommended by the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials.




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