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GIFT Prof. Dong-Woo Suh and Sung-Joon Kim, selected as the 3rd place for'Most Cited Papers' by authoritative journals in the field of materials
GIFT 20-09-09 09:58

  A paper co-authored by Prof. Dong-Woo Suh and Sung-Joon Kim of GIFT in the world's most prestigious materials field, Scripta materialia, was published in this journal. Most Cited Article) was selected in 3rd place.

The paper selected is “Medium Mn transformation-induced plasticity steels: Recent progress and challenges”. Transformed organic plastic steel is a kind of Giga steel for next-generation automobiles. It is a steel sheet manufactured to exhibit excellent strength and formability at the same time due to the phase transformation phenomenon occurring in the deformation process. In this paper, the concept of alloy design for deriving the limiting properties of meta-manganese-composed meta-manganese steels with higher manganese content than the existing meta-organic steels and a method for controlling microhistological properties were presented.

Prof. Dong-Woo Suh and Sung-Joon Kim presented the concept of an alloy design capable of continuous annealing for commercial production of meta-manganese metamorphic organic plastic steel for the first time in 2010, and since then, they have been actively researching in the field of developing gas steel for automobiles using metamorphic organic plasticity.

On the other hand, Scripta Materialia is the world's largest publishing house based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, published by Elsevier, the most authoritative magazine in the field of metal materials (top 5% by JCR classification).

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