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Prof. HyoungSeop Kim has been selected as a full member of National Academy of Engineering of Korea.
GIFT 21-04-01 15:53

The National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK) announced the 2021 full membership list. The final confirmed number of members is 50 Members and 89 Associate Members. Prof. HyoungSeop Kim, a professor of GIFT JA, was selected as a Member.

Kwon Oh-Kyong, the president of NAEK, said, “We have more than doubled the number of membership screening hours and conducted strict screening based on the greatly

enhanced screening standards ... We made special efforts to secure convergence high-tech parts, small and medium-sized companies that succeeded with technology, and female membership.”

Prof. HyoungSeop Kim said, “I am happy to be selected as the Member of NAEK, representing experts who have contributed to the national development with outstanding research achievements and innovative technology development. There are already Members of professors Chang-Oh Kang, Nack Joon Kim, and Chong Soo Lee, who are like glittering stars and I will continue to contribute to the development of national technology development, material powerhouse, and GIFT.”

Members of NAEK are divided into Member, Associate Member, Emeritus Members, Foreign Members. Academic achievements, as well as achievements in various fields, such as world’s-first technological development achievements, patents, manpower training, and industrial development contributions, are judged and then elected by a multi-stage screening process that includes a written vote by all full members.

Furthermore, as of 2021, Sung-Joon Kim, Dean of GIFT, has been appointed as a Member, Prof. Chong-Soo Lee as an Emeritus Member, and Prof. Nack Joon Kim as a Foreign Member. Compared to the number of faculty members in each department in POSTECH, the number of GIFT professors who are Members is remarkable.​ 


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