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Leonardo Tomas Rocha won the Young Slag Scientist Award (poster session) at MOLTEN 2021.
GIFT 21-04-01 16:13

GIFT’s Leonardo Tomas Rocha won the Young Slag Scientist Award (poster session) at the 11th International Congress of Molten Slags, Fluxes and Salts in 2021. Leonardo Tomas Rocha is a Ph.D. student at EML under the supervision of Prof. Sung-Mo Jung.

MOLTEN2021 is a conference that provides opportunities for researchers and engineers from around the world to present their work and share ideas in the fields of molten slag, flux and salt. More than 360 registrants from 27 countries participated in the MOLTEN 2021.



Leo: My main objective in attending this conference was to get the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and find out what kind of research topics and methods they are applying for the “same field” as me. However, due to a terrible situation promoted by the Covid-19, the conference was held online and this networking with professors, researchers and students could not happen. So, by considering the good point of it, online conference brought the opportunity to watch several interesting live presentations in the comfort of home.

Actually, I did not participate to receive any award, but I learned of my win from Dong hyun Kim (CSL student), who sent me a message “Congratulations, pay the dinner”. Of course I feel very satisfied because somehow my research topic had some interest from top professors, who chose the winners.​ 


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