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Participation of two GIFT students in the Yoon Stay TV show on tvN
GIFT 21-04-01 16:45

Last year, two members of GIFT had the opportunity to participate in a famous TV program, Yoon Stay, and it was aired on TV in January this year. Yoon Stay is a popular entertainment show produced by tvN.

It is about a kind of accommodation business for foreigners who are living in Korea due to their jobs and studies. The GIFT members, who watched familiar faces on TV, responded enthusiastically, as well as the entire POSTECH community and the general public. Both Dada (Ph.D. student Fazlollah Sadeghi Hosnijeh) and Tara (M.Sc. student Tahereh Zargar) are studying at CTL under the guidance of Prof. Chang-Hee Yim.





Dada: The memory was very fantastic. Experiencing both the Han-Ock environment and eating royal Korean foods at the same time with famous actors and actresses is incredible. We also had chance to meet new foreigners who are not students in Korea. In the campus area, we mostly visit students. We had chance to take very good and memorable pictures and it was very fun seeing ourselves on TV. Reading the comments of other Koreans who watched the show and reacted to our scenes were very funny for us.

Tara: The Yoon-Stay memory was my best memory in 2020 and my study period in Korea. Because of the Covid-19 situation, we could not travel as before, and whenever we wanted to have a trip anywhere, we were worried. Therefore, when we were invited to this TV show by the POSTECH, we accepted because it was very good opportunity to live one day in Korean traditional life style (Han-Ock) and try very delicious royal foods that are cooked by famous Korean actor and actress. At first when we arrived there, it was very surprisingly for us that the famous actors and actresses were the staff. Moreover, they had very warm and kind welcome to us. We were very comfortable with them; we could ask everything. Always in Korean drama movies on TV I watched Han-Ock House and They were very amazing for me living in this style home and be far from technology and cities pollutions and we had very fantastic time with other foreigners and made friends with them. The place was so beautiful and authentic far away any pollution and car sounds. 

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