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[GIFT News_Reported by Prof. BCDC] "GIFT delegation visited
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[GIFT News_Reported by Prof. BCDC]
"GIFT delegation visited six universities in Europe"

13-21 February 2006, Dr.B.C.De Cooman and Dr.H.Gaye visited six universities in Europe to support and enhance the name and reputation of GIFT in Europe. The purpose of visits was the organization of joint research efforts in the field of ferrous materials research, student recruitment and faculty search. The agenda of the visits consisted of short presentations by the receiving institute. The GIFT delegation presented the POSTECH-DVD, a general GIFT presentation (Dr.Gaye), and a presentation on the graduate studies at GIFT (Dr.De Cooman). Subsequent discussions focused usually on student exchange, the available GIFT faculty positions and faculty visits to GIFT. The GIFT delegation visited the following institutions:

Technical University Prague
Slovak Technical University
TU Graz
TU Darmstadt
TU Freiberg

-----Czech Technical University in Prague-----

The technical university dates from 1707, making it one of the oldest European technical universities. The student population is ~20.000. Its six faculties are actually very large schools, with more than 100 buildings often at an inner city location in beautiful, historic buildings. The university has had contacts with the Academy of Engineering of Korea. Professor Zuna is also vice-chancellor for foreign relations of the university. No laboratories were visited, but professor Steidl reviewed the equipment available. There is on-going work on micro-alloyed steels, Mn steels, martensitic steels and high strain rate properties of steels. Research work on Mg alloys was also mentioned. The department was keen to start work on joint projects  through the KONTACT initiative between the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GACR) and the Korea Research Foundation (KRF). Note:
Hyundai has a plant near Ostrava, in the east of the Czech Republic.

[Pic.1] From left to right, Prof.J.Steidl, Prof.H.Gaye, Prof.Dr.D.Eng.h.c. P.Zuna, Prof.B.C.De Cooman 

-----Slovak University of Technology-----

The visit was organized by Prof.Janovec. The Trnva laboratories had very modern, state-of-the-art equipment. The GIFT delegation was very well received by the dean and the vice-dean of the faculty, professors J.Sablik and J.Vasky, and the GIFT presentations were given to a large and responsive audience. Laboratory visits revealed an obvious expertise in welding, rail steels, metal forming, and 3D machining.

[Pic.2] From left to right: Prof.De Cooman, Prof.H.Gaye, Prof.Sablik (Dean of Faculty) Prof.Janovec, Prof.Grgac (seen from the back).

[Pic.3] Prof.De Cooman in discussion with a researcher at the Slovak University of Technology. 

-----Technische Universität Clausthal-----

The campus is beautifully located it natural surroundings. The metallurgy laboratories are located in larger, build-to-purpose, functional buildings. Impressive facilities were available for strip casting, metal forming, casting, and micro-analysis. Projects included modeling (thermo-kinetics, thermo-chemistry, continuous casting), creep-resistant Mg alloys, high Mn steels, damping alloys, bake-hardening of multi-phase steels, sandwich materials, and inclusion control in continuous casting. There were very interesting presentations about on-going research by Prof.Dr.-Ing. H.Palkowski, (Werkstoffumformung), Prof.Dr.-Ing. W.Pluschkell (Metallurgische Prozesstechnik), Prof.Dr.-Ing. R.Schmid-Fetzer (Thermochemie und Mikrokinetik),
and Prof.Dr.-Ing. B.Tonn (Giessereitechnik). 

[Pic.4] From left to right: Prof.Gaye, Prof.De Cooman, Prof.Pluschkell, Prof.H.Palkowski, Prof.Tonn, and Prof.Schmid-Fetzer. 

-----Technische Universität Graz-----

The TU Graz dates form 1864. It has 7 technical faculties. About 8000 students attend the TU Graz, which has an inner city location close to the historic center of the beautiful city Graz. The GIFT delegation was very well received by o.Univ.-Prof.Dipl.-Ing.Dr.mont.H. Cerjak, the Vice-rector for academic affairs of the TU Graz.
The TU Graz is located in an area with much research related to the automotive industry, due to the presence of development
centers and suppliers. The institute has an impressive steel research expertise in the areas of modeling, phase transformations, steel microstructures, continuous casting and welding. Current steel research projects include work on
9-12% Cr steels for power plant applications, spring steels, friction stir welding, and rolling rolls metallurgy. E.Kozeschnik, who developed the MATCALC software, was present during the meetings. The institute offers an International Welding Engineer (IWE) degree program. During the meeting a proposal for a joint conference was discussed. 

-----Technische Universität Darmstadt-----

The TU Darmstadt has about 20.000 students in sciences and engineering. It is located on a large separate campus close to Darmstadt city center, with an excellent building layout and very impressive and modern facilities. The metal forming department focuses on internal high pressure forming (hydro-forming), roll-forming, incremental bulk forming (rotary swaging). Both the forming processes and the development of new machine concepts are part of the research work. The GIFT delegation was very well received by Prof.Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. P.Groche, head of institute.

[Pic.5] Prof.De Cooman and Prof. Groche in front of the Metal Froming Laboraotry of the TU Darmstadt.

[Pic.6] Inside view of the very impressive Metal Froming Laboraotry of the TU Darmstadt. 

---Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg---

The GIFT delegation was very well received by Prof.Dr.-Ing. habil. P.R.Scheller. The Institute for Metallurgy is located on
the spacious campus close to Freiberg city center. There are many historic buildings, which have recently been beautifully resorted on campus. The institute has an excellent  building layout and very modern facilities. The work at the institute is very close to some of the type of work GIFT will be involved in. It is definitely an institution with which GIFT will develop strong ties in the future.

[Pic.7] Prof. P.R.Scheller and Prof.H.Gaye in front of the bust of Ledebur, the famous nineteen century metallurgist, founder of the institute for metallurgy at the TU Freiberg.

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