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[GIFT News_Reported by Prof. BCDC] 13th Int'l Student's Day
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[GIFT News_Reported by Prof. BCDC]
"GIFT delegation visited 13th Int'l
Student's Day of Metallurgy, Leoben, Austria"

- Visit VATRON,  Linz, Austria, March 28th-29th, 2006-04-01

- 13th International
Students' Day of Metallurgy, Leoben, Austria, March 30th-April 1st, 2006

- Visit the departments of Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science at the TUDelft, Delft, The Netherlands, April 3rd, 2006

Visit VATRON,  Linz, Austria, March 28th-29th, 2006-04-01

Professor B.C.De Cooman visited VATRON, an engineering firm in Linz Austria. VATRON is a Mechatronics specialist producing simulation equipment for the steel industry and steel research. Their recently developed Muti-pass simulator has been a runaway success with many steel research laboratories. The equipment enables the thermal treatment of sheet steel with an unsurpassed flexibility. GIFT is planning the purchase of the VATRON Multi-pass simulator for the Materials Design Laboratory.
During his visit Professor De Cooman  met Mr.Haunschmid, managing director of VATRON, Mr. Hackl, and Dr.R.Angerer.
In addition to the discussions related to the purchase of a multi-pass simulator for GIFT, the construction of a flexible Controlled Atmosphere Simulator for strip surface research and an Internal Friction Pendulum were discussed.

13th International Students' Day of Metallurgy, Leoben, Austria, March 30th-April 1st, 2006

Professors Hae-Geon Lee and B.C.De Cooman attended this international “Studententag"exclusively organized by Metallurgy students of the Montauniversitaet Leoben in Austria to promote the educational opportunities offered by GIFT. Professors Hae-Geon Lee gave an oral presentation about the GIFT initiative and the procedures to attend GIFT for education and research. In
addition, professors Hae-Geon Lee and B.C.De Cooman held a meeting with Professor Wilfried Krieger, head of the department of Metallurgy.   


(pix 01)
Professor Hae-Geon Lee during his presentation about education and research at GIFT-POSTECH. Professors Hae-Geon Lee and B.C.De Cooman in front of the main gate of the Montanuniversiaet Leoben, adorned with “Gluck Auf"(Good
Luck), a traditional Miner’s greeting.

Also present in Leoben was Miss Chun Hye Rim. She was in charge of the GIFT booth; she introduced GIFT and
handed out the information material. Many interested students visited the booth and the considerable promotional material had been handed out by the first day!

(pix 02)  
Miss Chun in front of  the banners promoting steel research at GIFT during the “Studententag"in Leoben (Left).  The booth also received much attention from professors; one of them was Professor Jakob Lamut of the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia (Right).

Students presented contributions in areas of non-ferrous metallurgy, modeling and simulation, continuous casting, casting, mechanical materials science, welding, corrosion, ceramics and environment.

On March 31st, they attended a field trip to Voest-Alpine Stahl in Donawitz, a world-renowned producer of rail steel. The new rail rolling equipment (Danieli) able to produce 120m long head-hardened rails was visited; in addition the blast furnace and the steel plant were visited. Pig iron was tapped during the visit of the blast furnace; always a fascinating sight! For specialists only: due to the high fraction of locally mined iron ore with a high carbonate and alkali content, the blast furnace slags have an extremely low basicity to avoid the formation of “scaffolds" in the furnace.

(pix 03)  
Tapping the pig iron at one of the blast furnaces of the VOESR-ALPINE Stahl Donawitz.

A visit to the historic industrial side of the Vordernberg, where some of the earliest blast furnaces, powered by water, were located. The site is managed by emeritus Professor H.Hiebler, a former professor of the Montanuniversitaet in Leoben.
The website of the foundation managing the site is very informative:

Professor H.Hiebler (Left) and professor G.Sperl (Right), both retired Montanuniversitaet professors, are driving forces
behind the initiatives to keep alive the long metallurgical history of the region. They are active in Archeo-metallurgy and the protection and restoration of the rich regional industrial heritage.

(pix 04)
Professor B.C.De Cooman in conversation with professor H.Hiebler (left), a former professor of
the Montanuniversitaet in Leoben and professor G.Sperl (right), president of the
Montanhistorischen Verein of Austria.

(pix 05)  
Student activities at the Montanuniversitat: the choir of the Leoben student union
(left) and our student-tour guide at the historic Radwerk IV blast furnace in
Vordernberg (right).

The Montanuniversitaet in Leoben is a small but very prestigious engineering school, where many traditions are more than 100
years old and still very alive. The members of the student union wear elaborate black uniforms, the design of which is a tribute to Saint Barbara, the patron saint of the Miners.

The Montanuniversitaet offers programs in Natural Resources Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Applied Geosciences, Environmental Protection, Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Industrial Logistics.

Visit the departments of Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science at the TUDelft, Delft, The Netherlands, April 3rd, 2006

Professors Hae-Geon Lee and B.C.De Cooman paid a visit to the TUDelft in the Netherlands on April 3th. The TUDelft is the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1842 and has approximately 15,600 students. This national engineering research powerhouse offers education in no less than 17 disciplines and graduates about 250 doctoral students per year. One of the most famous Materials Science achievements of the TUDelft is the development of “GLARE" a
lightweight fiber-reinforced-epoxy-resin and Al sheet laminate, now used in the construction of the fuselage of the giant Airbus A380. During their visit professors Hae-Geon Lee made a presentation about GIFT and had discussions with
Professor van der Zwaag, Dr. Riviera of Aerospace Engineering and Professor de Wit of Materials Science. Professor van der Zwaag is an internationally renowned metallic materials scientist, with in strong interest in multidisciplinary materials research in very diverse areas such as “Self-healing Materials"

(pix 07)
Professors Hae-Geon Lee and B.C.De Cooman with professor De Wit of the TUDelft.

Pictures of this event are here: GIFT Photo Album

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