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GIFT-WCU Project Workshop
gift 10-11-16 18:31
GIFT-WCU Project Workshop
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[GIFT Admissions] Application Deadline

Application Deadline for September semester of 2011  Note that those students who want to apply for GIFT admission in September semester of 2011 have to submit all required documents by June…

GIFT | 05-18 Time

Information on Credit Transfers

Information on Credit Transfers (for New Graduate Students who earned their previous degrees at POSTECH) Students who are starting their graduate studies at POSTECH this semester and have earned their previous…

GIFT | 03-17 Time

Text book of English classes

2011- 1st Semester : text book of English classes  Course title Lecturer Text book Remarks English Composition _ advanced Prof. John. L. Scott Academic English (Fourth Edition)…

GIFT | 03-10 Time

Start Time of Classes _ 2011-1st semester

Start Time of Classes _ 2011-1st semester   * [GIFT629] Special Topic-Computational Metallurgy _ Transport phenomena in high temperature liquid phase course begin on March 14 Monday, Prof. Suzuki will …

GIFT_ Academic … | 03-02 Time

Opinion survey on GIFT English lecture

Please find attached survey form and fill out it. The purpose of this survey is to improve GIFT student’s English proficiency, so please give honest and thoughtful answers to the following questions.Although yo…

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GIFT Master’s Public Defense of Academic year 2010- 2nd

The GIFT Master’s Public Defense of Academic year 2010- 2nd semester is scheduled on December 20th, Monday. The public defense will take place at GIFT Lecture room 301 and 302. ( PhD Students who wish to gradua…

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Applying for Graduation of Academic year 2010

Students who wish to apply for 2011. February graduation should follow the steps below.  ■ General Schedule on Graduation   - Early graduation request: Mon. November 23, 2010 – Sun. December 5, 2010 (…

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Research Ethics Acknowledgement Submission Required

Regarding the below email, please fill out the attached form and submit it to your laboratory assistant by Nov. 29, 2010. Thank you in advance for your cooperation . ----------------------------------…

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GIFT-WCU Project Workshop

GIFT-WCU Project Workshop [이 게시물은 GIFT님에 의해 2015-07-30 17:32:15 News에서 이동 됨]

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GIFT Logo Design Contest

GIFT Logo Design ContestWe are announcing an open contest for the design of GIFT logo and emblem.The Emblem should include the word GIFT in Korean (i.e. “철강대학원”), and all GIFT members (faculty, students, resear…

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