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Notice for 2011-1 Graduation
GIFT 11-06-13 17:54
Notice for 2011-1 Graduation
Students who wish graduate on August 2011, please follow the steps below.
■ General Schedule on Graduation
- Request for graduation check: Fri. June 10, 2011 – Fri. June 17, 2011
- English name verification: Fri. June 10, 2011 – Fri. June 17, 2011
- Graduation Requirement Check: Fri. June 10, 2011 – Fri. June 17, 2011
- Report on Final Thesis Defense for Graduate Students: ~ Thu. May 30, 2011
- Degree conferment for the 2010 Second semester: Fri. August 12, 2011
■ Request for Graduation check: Mandatory for all students who are scheduled to graduate.
 1. Purpose
   A. To check for the students who are scheduled to graduate (please refer to the graduation requirement)
   B. For administrative follow-ups by all related administrative teams
 2. Period: Fri. June 10, 2011 – Fri. June 17, 2011
 3. How to request:
     Log on to POVIS (, then go to Academic Affairs -> Graduation -> Request for Graduation Check -> click on the "Create" button -> Fill in the form -> Click on the "Save" button
     (Log into POVIS -> Academic Affairs -> 졸업 -> 졸업정산신청 -> 생성 button -> Fill in the form -> 저장)
 4. You must check the followings upon applying for graduation
   A. All books that you borrowed from the library must be returned.(until July 6,2011)
      ☞ contact person: Lim, Bo-ram (279-2550)
   B. Submitting theses
     1) Electronic copies must be submitted through the Library homepage (
     2) Submit 4 hard-bound copies and one License Agreement ( print out after online registration )
         - Period : June 22, 2011 ~ July 6, 2011
         - Place to submit your thesis: Room 204 of Tae-Joon Park Digital Library
            ☞ contact person: Yoo, Dong-hoon (279-2546)
   C. Phone Bill
         - If you are a resident of the Graduate Student Apartment, you must notify your moving schedule to the Information Technology Services Team after requesting for graduation check.
         * Woori bank, Acct. No. 1005-401-131023 (Account Name: POSTECH) Suh, Jae-choon (279-2607)
   D. Dormitory and Graduate Student apartments retirement
         - Residents of the Student Dormitories and Graduate Student Apartments must remove all their belongings from rooms or apartments.
         - Follow the procedure of checking out of the Dormitories or Graduate Student Apartments with the Housing Office.
           ☞ Contact person for the maleundergraduates: Choi, Chul-ki (279-3693)
           ☞ Contact person for the male graduates: Lee, Tae-myoung (279-3694)
           ☞ Contact person for all female students: Son, Jin-young (279-3696)
   E. Change of Address
        - Confirm your address registered on POVIS and make changes if necessary.
        - How to change address on POVIS: Login to POVIS -> Academic Affairs -> Student Information -> Address -> Click on the line where you need to change the address
          -> Click on the Change button -> Make changes -> Save
         (POVIS LOGIN ->Academic Affairs -> 개인정보 -> 주소 -> Click on the line where you need to change the address -> Click on 변경 button -> Make changes -> 저장)
       - All phone numbers must include hyphens (-) where needed
  F. Once you completed A - E, visit GIFT administration team and complete the graduation check procedure.
■ English Name Verification and Correction
  1. Purpose: to record on the English documents and the diploma
  2. Period: Fri. June 10, 2011 – Fri. June 17, 2011
  3. Procedure
    A. Login to POVIS -> Academic Affairs -> Student Information -> Personal Information
        (POVIS Login -> Academic Affairs -> 개인정보 -> 신상)
    B. Click on the Change button -> Make changes-> Save
        (Click on 변경 button -> Make changes - Click on 저장 button)
  4. Contact person: Lee, Young Ji
■ Things to remember
  1. Graduating Students must personally confirm his/her course completion status and graduation requirements .
  2. If it is necessary to change course classification (ex; core requirement, major elective, etc.) during the graduation requirement check, fill out Change of Course Classification Form and submit the form to GIFT     office. (Course classification change deadline: Fri. June 24, 2011)

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