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GIFT Seminar by Prof. H. Bhadeshia

GIFT Seminar by Prof. H. Bhadeshia   2011-1st semester seminar starts this Thursday, on March 10th, 2011 and the first seminar will be given by Prof. Harry Bhadeshia. Please take a look at the picture b…

gift | 03-09 Time

2011-1st GIFT Seminar Schedule

2011-1st GIFT Seminar Schedule This is to make an announcement for starting GIFT Periodic seminar and please find the attached bleow for the details. 2011-1st semester seminar starts this Thursday, on…

gift | 03-08 Time

Seminar by Prof. Yoon, Jeong Whan_Jan 18-20

Notice:  Prof. Yoon, Jeong Whan will give advanced classes on the implementation of anisotropic elasto-plastic constitutive descriptions in commercial finite element codes. Please see the below picture for…

GIFT_ Academic | 01-17 Time

Seminar by Prof. B.G. Thomas_Jan.17 2pm

Dear All,   I’d like to inform you that Prof. B.G. Thomas will give a seminar on “Modeling of Continuous-Casting Defects Related to Mold Fluid Flow”. The first lecture will be opened on Jan. 17(Monday),…

GIFT | 01-14 Time

Seminar by Dr. Sejin Ahn (KIER)_12/22

Prof. Sejin Ahn of Korea Institute of Energy Research(KIER) will give a seminar on “ Research on passivity of metal and alloys based on the electronic properties of passive films” .The seminar will take place o…

gift | 12-16 Time

Seminar by Prof. Jong Min Kim (MML, GIFT)_Nov. 25th

 Prof. Jong Min Park will give a seminar on “Theoretical and Practical Issues in the Application of Ultra-High-Strength Steels to Automobile Body Structures “ in this week.Detailed information regarding th…

gift | 12-03 Time

Seminar by Prof. Heung Nam Han _SNU_12/2

Prof. Heung Nam Han will provide this week seminar on” On Transformation-Induced Plasticity (TRIP)” today, Detailed information regarding the seminar is provided at below picture   

gift | 12-03 Time