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MRL [MRL]Prof. Chong Soo Lee : Heterogeneous-structured Ti-6Al-4V with enhanced mechanical properties i…

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This study aimed to develop heterogeneous-structured (HS) Ti-6Al-4V composed of coarse and fine grains to enhance the alloy's mechanical properties. This microstructure was induced by selective activation of dynamic globularization by using water-quenching and subsequent rolling below the β-transus temperature. Microstructures and mechanical properties of the HS alloy in monotonic and cyclic deformation modes were compared with those of coarse-grained (CG) and ultrafine-grained (UFG) counterparts. HS Ti-6Al-4V had a higher mechanical strength and better resistance to low-cycle fatigue (LCF) fracture without the loss of ductility compared with commercial mill-annealed CG alloy, and HS alloy had an engineering advantage of low-cost mass production in contrast to UFG counterpart, despite their similar mechanical properties under both monotonic and cyclic deformations. The enhanced mechanical properties of HS alloy were attributed to the presence of UFG region and the partial transformation of transverse to basal texture with a high intensity. Such conditions gave rise to an active slip transfer, low internal stress, and high strain compatibility, thereby leading to the high LCF resistance. 


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