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SSL [SSL]Prof. Sung-Joon Kim : Effect of Zn‑Coating Process on Liquid Metal Embrittlement of TRIP Steel

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The study investigated the microstructural evolution of the coating and liquid metal embrittlement (LME) sensitivity of the transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steel sheets which were prepared by different coating processes: (i) continuous galvanizing, (ii) galvannealing, or (iii) electro-galvanizing. Hot tensile testing and microstructural analyses showed that the coating process influenced Fe-Zn reaction which controlled the contact between steel substrate and liquid Zn alloy at the high temperature. Because Fe-Zn reaction was the fastest in the electro-galvanized TRIP steel, it exhibited the highest resistance to LME, while the continuously galvanized steel resulted in the highest susceptibility to LME.

Keywords Liquid metal embrittlement · Zn-coated steel · Hot tensile testing · Fe-Zn reaction · Embrittlement


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