Dean of GIFT Sung-Joon Kim, successfully concluded the ICOMAT 2022 conference.

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Dean of GIFT Sung-Joon Kim successfully finished the 16th International Conference on Martensitic Transformation (ICOMAT 2022) held at COEX, Seoul from March 13 to 18 as a joint general chair with Professor Tae Hyun Nam of Gyeongsang National University. ICOMAT2022, hosted by the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, was released as a virtual website in consideration of the COVID-19 situation. The virtual website was opened 3 days before the conference period, and the materials submitted in advance were shared 24 hours a day during the conference period, and the presentation was conducted in a way of asking and answering questions through the message board and e-mail. Profs Dong-Woo Suh and Yoon- Wook Heo of GIFT also participated as Chairs and Invited Speakers in the Live Discussion session as the Local Organizing Committee.


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