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Sung-Mo Jung

About Lab.

Nowadays, in the steel industry, the most important spoken key word is “environmental protection”. EML focuses on the development of innovative ironmaking processes to meet the demand of the current environmental issues worldwide, and apply them on the steel industry. Replacing the actual use of fossil fuels with hydrogen is the main target of Environmental Metallurgy Laboratory (EML), mostly effective way to achieve the carbon neutralization (ZERO emission of CO2). Inside the research of innovative ironmaking processes, the usage of low-grade ores, biomass and recycling by-products is also being investigated in EML. Currently, the generation of waste during the steelmaking process is increasing. Most of the slags and sludges contain valuable metals, such as Nickel, Cobalt, Lithium, Chromium, Zinc, etc. Therefore, the recovery of such elements from waste became necessary for further use in several areas.

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About Prof.


  • 2006-Present포항공과대학교 철강·에너지소재대학원 교수
  • 2006-2009 포항공과대학교 철강·에너지소재대학원 연구부교수
  • 2000-2006 포항공과대학교 철강·에너지소재대학원 연구조교수
  • 1998-2000 Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Postdoctoral Research Associate


  • 1998 포항공과대학교 신소재공학과 공학박사
  • 1993포항공과대학교 신소재공학과 공학석사
  • 1991 포항공과대학교 신소재공학과 공학사

주요 연구분야

  • Reaction Equilibria on Ironmaking and Steelmaking
  • Reaction Kinetics on Ironmaking and Steelmaking
  • Application of Physical Chemistry to Refining Processes in Ferrous Technology
  • Development of advanced characterization and microanalysis of ferrous materials and related nonmetallic materials
  • Development of Standard Reference Materials for accurate analysis of ferrous materials

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