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About Lab.

The Next Energy Storage Platform Research Laboratory is a place that pursues a leading core technology group in the secondary battery field by implementing a new energy storage system based on new materials. By cultivating the ability to design batteries suitable for the function of a new energy storage system and designing and developing new materials suitable for it, we are growing into a key manpower in the field of next-generation energy materials who can develop a broader and more three-dimensional researcher's thinking and problem-solving ability during the course of the degree program. where it is.


About Prof.


  • 2001.8~2007.8 Samsung SDI Central Research Center Energy LAB Senior Researcher
  • 2007.9~2011.4 Samsung SDI Battery Division Battery Development Team Leading prismatic part chief researcher
  • 2011.4~2021.9 Director of Next-Generation Battery Research Center, Korea Electric Research Institute, Senior Researcher
  • 2018.8~Present Head of Lithium Metal Battery Research Center for Climate Change Response Technology Development Project, Ministry of Science and ICT
  • 2021.8~Present National Research Foundation, National Research Division, Energy and Environment Specialist
  • 2021.10~Present Associate Professor, Graduate School of Steel Energy Materials, Pohang University of Science and Technology


  • 1991.3~1995.2 Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering, Korea University
  • 1995.3~1997.2 MSc in Materials Science and Engineering, KAIST
  • 1997.3~2001.8 Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, KAIST

Major Research Areas

  • Next generation anode materials (Fast charging, High energy Si, Li metal anode)
  • Inorganic solid electrolyte for all solid battery
  • Post LIB for ESS (Na, Zn ion-)
  • Battery design and processing

Lab Gallery

2022.07 전기자동차용 차세대 리튬금속 이차전지 기술 개발 Workshop

2022.07 NESP야유회

2022.05 NESP스승의 날

2022.04 한국전기화학회