Energy Storage

Research overview

The unique educational goal pursued by the GIFT is to produce experts
with advanced technology in the field of steel technology required
by modern society through high-quality education.

  • Active Material

    We are conducting in-depth research on positive and negative electrode active materials at the atomic level, particle level, and electrode level.

  • Computational Chemistry / Artificial Intelligence

    We are researching various technologies using computational chemistry and AI.

  • Electrolyte

    We conduct advanced analysis of various secondary battery reactions according to electrolyte conditions, and research on electrolyte material search and optimization.

  • Functional Material

    We are conducting research to design functional materials and closely analyze their performance.

  • Next-generation Battery

    We conduct various research on new energy storage materials and systems required for next-generation secondary batteries.

  • Battery Design / Process

    We systematically study the theoretical design and practical process for developing secondary batteries and active materials.

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Professor Research field
Active material Computational Chemistry / Artificial Intelligence Electrolyte Functional material Next-generation battery Battery design/process
Kyu-Young Park
Sang-Min Lee
Changshin Jo
Byung-woo Kang
Won-bae Kim
Yong-tae Kim
Soo-jin Park