Research overview

The unique educational goal pursued by the GIFT is to produce experts
with advanced technology in the field of steel technology required
by modern society through high-quality education.

  • Mobility

    It is a concept that encompasses all systems that expand the spatial activity area of ​​mankind, such as automobiles, ships, and aircraft.

  • Infra

    We are taking the lead in developing materials for infrastructure that can realize the extreme physical properties required in the future society.

  • Battery Electronics / Energy

    We are taking the lead in verifying the accuracy of predictive models and optimizing the design of steel materials through actual experiments.

  • Low Carbon / Hydrogen Reduction

    By applying hydrogen-reduced steel technology to domestic blast furnaces, we conduct in-depth research for the purpose of reducing CO2 emissions in the steel industry.

  • Recycled / Clean Steel

    We are conducting research to improve the added value of materials through clean metal production and recycling.

  • Plant Engineering

    We are conducting research on strengthening core management capabilities for the entire business cycle, applying global standards, and developing optimal PM technology.

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Professor Research field
Mobility Infra Battery Electronics / Energy Low Carbon / Hydrogen Reduction Recycled / Clean Steel Plant Engineering
Youn-Bae Kang
Kyoungdoc Kim
Hyoung-Seop Kim
Dong-Woo Suh
Eul-Bum Lee
Sung-Mo Jung
Jung-Wook Cho
Yoon-Uk Heo