Steel and metal materials are major materials that make up social infrastructure. The high-tech future society, where the importance of environment and energy efficiency is emphasized, requires the development of materials for infrastructure that require extreme physical properties, ultra-light weight, high strength, and high functionality. Materials for construction, bridges, wind power generation, polar marine structural steel, high-strength building materials for high-rise buildings, pipelines for oil transportation, and materials for future hyper loopers, materials for infrastructure connect the past, present, and future societies.

The Graduate School of Steel Energy and Materials is taking the lead in developing materials that can realize the extreme physical properties required in the future society based on the analysis of the correlation between microstructure and physical properties for materials for infrastructure that require different properties depending on the scope of application.

Lab Introduction

  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Lab
    Prof. Kyoungdoc Kim
    • Alloy design and process design of high-strength steel for automobiles
    • Characteristics evaluation study of various special steels
  • Special Steels Lab
    Prof. Sung-Joon Kim
    • Innovative molding process and product development
    • Research into AHSS (High tensile steel), stainless steel and other materials of interest
  • Structural Nanometal Processes Lab
    Prof. HyoungSeop Kim
    • Microstructure design through experiments and simulations
    • Development of structural materials for reliable mechanical properties
  • Computational Metallurgy Lab
    Prof. Dong Woo Suh
    • Development of ultra-high-strength-high-performance steel for next-generation automobiles
    • Heat-resistant steel material technology for ultra-high efficiency power generation
  • Controlling Solidification Processing Lab
    Prof. Jung-Wook Cho
    • Control of solidification structure of high alloy steel during continuous casting
    • Glass material design with excellent thermal properties
  • Alloy design Lab
    Prof. Yoon-Uk Heo
    • A study on the brittle fracture mechanism of alloys using high-resolution microscopy
    • Analysis of the phase transformation behavior of fine precipitates and alloy design for precipitation strengthening