Battery electronics / Energy


The application of STS is expanding centering on the recent change in the automobile industry to electric vehicles and the growth of the smart device market. Compressors, which are called the heart of home appliances, require the use of low-core steel to maximize energy efficiency. In addition, electric steel plates with low power loss are required for electric vehicle drive motors to improve fuel efficiency. POSCO's electric steel sheet Hyper NO, which satisfies the above requirements, is actually being applied to compressors and electric vehicle drive motors. In addition, austenitic STS is actually applied to the smart device frame, and the superior durability compared to the existing frame material and the aesthetics of the surface of only metal materials are raising the value as a material for future smart devices.

In response to these needs, the Graduate School of Steel Energy and Materials established a predictive model for the correlation between microstructure and energy efficiency and is taking the lead in verifying the accuracy of the predictive model and optimizing the design of steel materials through actual experiments.

Lab Introduction

  • Special Steels Lab
    Prof. Sung-Joon Kim
    • Innovative molding process and product development
    • Research into AHSS (High tensile steel), stainless steel and other materials of interest
  • Structural Nanometal Processes Lab
    Prof. HyoungSeop Kim
    • Microstructure design through experiments and simulations
    • Development of structural materials for reliable mechanical properties
  • Computational Metallurgy Lab
    Prof. Dong Woo Suh
    • Development of ultra-high-strength-high-performance steel for next-generation automobiles
    • Heat-resistant steel material technology for ultra-high efficiency power generation
  • Alloy design Lab
    Prof. Yoon-Uk Heo
    • A study on the brittle fracture mechanism of alloys using high-resolution microscopy
    • Analysis of the phase transformation behavior of fine precipitates and alloy design for precipitation strengthening