Energy Storage

Next-generation Battery


The next-generation secondary battery is a future energy storage system that goes beyond the performance limits of existing lithium-ion secondary batteries. The next-generation secondary battery is based on a lithium negative electrode, such as a lithium-all-solid-state battery, a lithium-sulfur battery, and a lithium-air battery. is composed of Next-generation secondary batteries are being actively researched to realize various industrial values ​​such as high energy density, high safety, low price, and eco-friendliness.

In addition to lithium-all-solid-state batteries, lithium-sulfur batteries, and lithium-air batteries, our Graduate School of Steel Energy and Materials is conducting in-depth research on next-generation eco-friendly secondary batteries such as sodium ion batteries and polyvalent ion batteries. We are conducting various research on new energy storage materials and systems required for next-generation secondary batteries, and are leading a new secondary battery platform of the future.

연구실 소개

  • Energy Materials Lab
    Prof. Kyu-Young Park
    • Lithium secondary battery positive/negative material
    • Futuristic secondary battery material
  • Next Generation Energy Storage Platform Lab
    Prof. Sang-Min Lee
    • Next generation anode materials
    • Inorganic solid electrolyte for all solid battery
  • Advanced Materials for Energy & Environment Lab
    Prof. Byung-woo Kang
  • Advanced Energy and Catalysis Lab
    Prof. Won-bae Kim
  • Electrode Material Property Lab
    Prof. Yong-tae Kim
  • Polymer-based Energy Materials Lab
    Prof. Soo-jin Park