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    기타 Android Application Compiled by Jae Hoon Jang ​​The first Materials Science related Android Application Compiled by Jae Hoon Jang​An Android APP that allows you to use your mobile telephone or tablet to calculate the martensite (alpha and epsilon) and bainite-start temperatures, Ae1 an..
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    기타 Great achievements by Prof. Frédéric Barlat  The International Journal of Plasticity (IJP, impact factor 4.516), one of the top journals in the field of mechanics and mechanical engineering, which started about 25 years ago began to list recently on its website the all-time 10 m..
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    기타 2014 International Journal of Plasticity Young Award (2014 IJP Award) ​Professor Myoung-Gyu Lee from the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology at POSTECH has been selected to receive the “International Journal of Plasticity Young Researcher Award in 2014” for outstanding contributions to the field of Plast..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2013-10-30
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    기타 2011 Best Poster by the Corrosion Science Society of Korea  ​The Autumn Meeting of the Corrosion Science Society of Korea  was held on November 4 2011 in Seoul, Korea. During this conference, Prof. Kyoo Young Kim, Director of SEL and Do Kyeong Han were awarded Best Poster Award upon..
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    기타 KIM Best Poster in 2011 ​The Fall Meeting of Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM) was held on October 27 2011 in Daejeon, Korea.At this meeting, two groups of GIFT were selected to be awarded the Best Poster Award as follows:  1. Microstructur..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2011-11-04
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    기타 Prof. Youn-Bae Kang won the TMS Young Professional Technical Division poster contest ​Dr. Youn-Bae Kang who is a professor of Clean Steel Lab won the TMS Young Professional Technical Division poster contest at this year's annual meeting in San Diego.  Title and authors of the winning poster is "In-situ observ..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2014-03-05
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    기타 Prof. Yasushi SASAKI and his students won the 'SAWAMURA award' ​​​Prof. Yasushi SASAKI, who retired from GIFT, and his students in EML(Ji-Ook Park, Tran Van Long) won the ‘SAWAMURA award’. The paper is "Feasibility of solid-state steelmaking from cast iron –Decarburization of rapidly solidified cast ir..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2013-12-06
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    기타 2013 Acta Student Award winner, Dr. Jae Hoon Jang ​​​Dr. Jae Hoon Jang, former Ph.D. student in CML, wins the Acta Student Award in this year.This award is given to the person who has made a major contribution to the paper in Acta journal, which demonstrates exceptional value to the mater..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2013-07-31
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    기타 The NIMS Award 2012 to Prof. Bhadeshia ​Prof. Harry Bhadeshia, the Director of CML was awarded the 2012 NIMS award for distinguished achievements in research and development of structural materials and invaluable contributions to NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science, ..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2012-06-14
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    기타 New book written by Prof. De Cooman ​​Title : Fundamentals of Steel Product Physical MetallurgyAuthor : Bruno.C.De Cooman,  John G. Speer Publishing : AIST Prof. Bruno C. De Cooman, Director of MDL and Prof. John G. Speer, Adjunct professor of GIFT collaborated..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2011-11-01
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    기타 THERMEC’2011 Distinguished Award ​Prof. Hae-Geon Lee, Director of Clean Steel Lab was awarded the THERMEC’2011 Distinguished Award at the THERME2011 International Conference on Processing & Manufacturing of Advanced Materials held in Quebec City, Canada on August 4 201..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2011-10-24
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    기타 2011 ACerS Spriggs Phase Equilibria award ​Prof. Hae-Geon Lee, Director of CSL and Dr. Dae-Hee Woo, graduated from GIFT in 2010 have been awarded the ACerS Spriggs Phase Equilibria Award for the paper "Phase Equilibria of the the MnO-SiO2-Al2O3-MnS System” published in Journal of ..
    작성자 GIFT 작성일 2011-09-15
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    기타 ISIJ Best Paper in 2010 ​The Iron and Steel Institute of Japan (ISIJ International) has selected the 4 best papers from the 4 field of ironmaking, steelmaking, microstructure, and mechanical properties for every year. This year, ISIJ has decided to confer the..
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    기타 Prof. Han Soo Kim developed ultrastrong, ductile, low-density steels ​​​For nearly six thousand years since the dawn of Bronze Age when early civilizations started alloying copper with tin, zinc or arsenic, alchemists and scientists have long explored the properties of metallic alloys, trying to make them ev..
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    기타 Prof. Se Kyun Kwon develops a New Theory for Plasticity of Face-Centered Cubic Metals ​The fundamental concepts of physics are crucial to understand the correlation of the structure and strength of materials. Some materials, like a steel coil spring or rubber, are elastic. Grasping a rubber ball deforms the shape momentaril..
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