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POSTECH signed an agreement with POSCO Chemical to foster talents for positive/negative electrode materials, which are battery materials.

POSTECH and POSCO Chemical established an 'e-Battery Track' course on the 22nd and signed an agreement with POSTECH's Graduate School of Steel and Energy Materials to foster battery talents. The signing ceremony was attended by major officials from both institutions, including Kyung-Jun Min, President of POSCO Chemical, Moo-Hwan Kim, President of POSTECH, Seong-Jun Kim, President of the Graduate School of Steel and Energy, Professor Sang-Min Lee, and Professor Chang-Shin Cho.

It was decided to operate the program to secure key manpower in the battery material field, which is the main industry of the future, for this course, starting from the selection of graduate schools in the second half of the year of 2022. When selected, these students receive full tuition assistance and a separate scholarship. During the course of the degree, students will participate in company projects and conduct industrial field-oriented research, and employment is guaranteed at POSCO Chemical upon obtaining the degree.

By signing an agreement with POSTECH, POSCO Chemical showed its will to nurture experts in battery materials at an early stage and spur the plan to lead the global rechargeable battery industry. President Kim Moo-hwan of POSTECH said, “In POSTECH, where education and innovative research are the strengths of a small number of elites, we are nurturing elite personnel in the rechargeable battery field through cooperation with POSCO Chemical, which leads the rechargeable battery industry, and excellent talents who have graduated from POSTECH It will greatly contribute to the development of the country and the industry by allowing companies to expand their capabilities.” “Posco Chemical has been contributing to the development of the secondary battery industry through the country’s only positive/negative electrode material production and R&D,” said Kyung-Jun Min, president of POSCO Chemical. We will promote the development of the ecosystem,” he said.


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