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On the 11th of April, the Ministry of Science and ICT

selected a secondary battery field project carried out in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do for the “Regional Innovation Mega Project “ to support the development of local industry, academia, and research source technologies.

This project will be promoted as a complementary R&D project that the government supports when the region takes the lead in discovering mid- to long-term science and technology issues.

Five projects were selected: Daegu and Gyeongbuk (secondary battery), Gyeongnam and Ulsan (high-tech mobility), Gwangju and Jeonnam (artificial intelligence), Chungnam (high-tech bio), and Jeonbuk (high-tech bio), Among them, the project performed by Daegu-Gyeongbuk, is an ultra-wide-area cooperative type, and is organized by Professor Lee Sang-min of Pohang University of Technology’s Graduate School of Steel and Energy Materials, and six institutions, including Pohang Institute of Science and Industry and Daegu Institute of Mechanical Parts.

These institutions plan to conduct a project called ‘re-purpose upcycling (new recycling) research for source material technology of unstructured/ultra-long-life secondary batteries’ and link the core capacity of secondary battery material circulation, such as the next-generation battery recycling regulatory zone in Gyeongbuk.

The tasks selected on this day will receive KRW 5.5 billion in state funds for three years, starting this year, for each pilot project.

It will also promote linkage and cooperation with other government projects proposed by region, and after the pilot project is completed, it will be continued for up to 10 years after stage evaluation.

Congratulations on your selection!



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