Prof. Hyung Seop Kim has been awarded the Science and Technology Medal for innovation.

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The commemorative event for the "Science and Information Communication Day 2023" was held at the Korea Science and Technology Center, and on this day, in celebration of the 56th Science Day (April 21) and the 68th Information Communication Day (April 22), the government awards were presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the promotion of science, technology, and information communication.

On this day, Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim was honored with the Science and Technology Medal for his contribution to the industrial development and future growth engine creation in the related field by developing "High-Entropy Alloys" that can be stably used at ultra-low temperatures without constraints of manufacturing methods.

Since 2016, Professor Kim has been selected for the Future Materials Discovery Program by the Korea Research Foundation and has served as the head of the POSTECH High-Entropy Alloy Research Group. He has developed a new paradigm of high-entropy alloys that have excellent mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties at ultra-low temperatures without manufacturing constraints. Furthermore, he has led the world in the development and commercialization of materials for carbon-neutral liquid hydrogen and helium storage for space and aerospace industries through high-entropy alloys, deformation theory, and process development.

Recently, he has been actively engaged as the director of the Center for heterogenic metal additive manufacturing which supports the development and commercialization of high-performance material components required for industries such as mobility and energy through the technology development of metal layer-by-layer manufacturing (3D printing) of heterogeneous materials.

Congratulations on receiving the Science and Technology Medal for innovation!


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