GIFT graduate Dr. Hyunjin Cho has been selected as July's Material Innovation Rising Star Researcher…

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[KIM's Material Innovation Rising Star Researcher] GIFT graduate Dr. Hyunjin Cho has been selected as July's Material Innovation Rising Star Researcher.


Dr. Hyunjin Cho is a GIFT 13th batch graduate (February 2016) and currently works as a senior researcher at POSCO Technical Research Institute in the Steelmaking Research Group. He is conducting research in the field of continuous casting process, focusing on designing and controlling the molten steel flow within the continuous casting process to enhance the quality of produced slabs.


He has developed techniques to design and control the flow of molten steel inside the tundish and mold to prevent mold flux inclusion caused by molten flow instability, minimizing defects in hot-rolled/cold-rolled steel products (presented at the Spring 2017 Metal Society Conference). His contributions have made it possible to supply non-oriented electrical steel sheets for electric vehicle drive motors to companies like Toyota, Tesla, and Hyundai.


Furthermore, he has developed a flow control technology (presented at the Fall 2018 Metal Society Conference) using an electromagnetic stirring device to improve the strip centerline segregation in STS 400 grade products.


Recently, he has been working on the smartification of the continuous casting process. He developed a monitoring system that allows observation of the tundish interior and studied various flow phenomena occurring inside the mold through precise temperature measurements using fiber optic sensors installed on the mold plates (presented at the Fall 2022 Metal Society Conference and the 74th World Foundry Congress). Additionally, he is in the process of building a Digital Twin system, using an AI model to predict the flow pattern inside the mold. This AI model, based on operating conditions and mold flow state, contributes to predicting the occurrence of defects in real-time and suggests efficient slab-skulling operating methods.


Congratulations on the selection!


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