Financial Aid

What is Financial Aid?

    Financial Aid refers to all kinds of financial support for POSTECH students during their research and study
    Financial Aid is classified as 1) fellowship, 2) assistantship and 3) other grants

General Regulations for Financial Aid

  • Duplicated benefit from internal and external scholarship is allowed(external fellowship policy applies in prior)
  • There is no upper limit of scholarship amount / person (external fellowship policy applies in prior)
  • Achievement-based R/A: For the first semester at least the basic scholarship will be given to students, but from the second semester the granted amount may differ according to the individual achievement
  • The duplication policy of scholarship and the amount can differ by each lab.


  • The fellowship is scholarship given to students, which can be classified as internal and external.
  • Internal fellowship is operated with the university fund, department fund, donation from external foundation, etc. The university selects the scholar and grants the scholarship.
  • External fellowship scholar is selected by external institute such as the government and external foundation. The external institute grants scholarship to the student directly or send the scholarship expense to university to grant each student.


  • The assistantship is granted for the participation in teaching, research and administrative work done by graduate school students, and it is classified as
    1) teaching assistantship(TA), 2) research assistantship(RA), 3) administrative assistantship.
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Program Tuition Fee (per month) Living Allowance (per month) Additional (per month) Total (per month)
Master’s 862,000 602,000 36,000 1,500,000
PhD’s 862,000 1,110,000 28,000 2,000,000

* (Unit: KRW/Month)

* 2024 Regular TA/RA Scholarship (per month)

Other Grants

  • All other financial aids except the fellowship and TA/RA scholarship.